The Genesis of Crypto Collectible

Visual web story of Crypto Collectible history & emergence by @0xSchatz


In 1992, Groups of pioneers banded together and formed a mailing list advocating the use of Cryptography technology.


In 1993, Hal Finney broadcasted an email on the idea of Cryptographic trading cards. This marks the spread of Cryptographic Collectible ideology and movement.


In 2009, a mysterious author, Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin. Bitcoin marks the birth of Cryptographic collectible and tradeable Cryptographic asset.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The mystery behind the publisher of Bitcoin with the name Satoshi Nakamoto.


In Genesis Block Satoshi embedded various messages and commentaries into the Bitcoin blockchain. This was the first attempt to self-express (art) and to communicate decentralizedly using blockchain technology.


In 2011, The first blockchain fork of Bitcoin, Namecoin was launched. It was forked and built as the decentralized and permisionless version of Domain Name System (DNS).

The First NFA

In 21st April 2011, The first domain name in Namecoin was registered by an unknown bitcoin.bit (d/bitcoin). This was the technical first tradeable cryptographically secured, Unique, 1 of 1, Non-Fungible Asset (NFA).

Colored Coins

In 2012 Colored Coins was launched as an open-source protocol built on the Bitcoin 2.0 that allows users to represent and manipulate immutable digital resources on top of Bitcoin transactions. This was the first attempt to represent Non-Fungibility & Digital Property using blockchain transactions (UTXO).